Jun 192012

In a world full of hatred only the blessed ones get an opportunity to love and to be loved. Nobody can describe the feeling of falling in love and staying in it. Marriage is a tradition that gives social recognition to the love relationship, though not every one in love gets married to the same person because it all depends on the continuity of love among the couples. These days breakups are very common, a breakup can lead to a permanent separation. 5th house is the seat of love, romance, intimacy, magnetism and 7th house isĀ  considered for marriage. If 7th house gets connected with 5th house and 5th house gets connected with 7th house then there are chances of love to be materialized into marriage. In case 5th house is not connected to 7th house in any way then the chances of love marriage are almost negligible.

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Jun 162012

Finding a dream match has become extremely difficult these days that too in an arranged marriage where the details of bride and groom are not known much. A typical arranged marriage can take an disastrous turn if both the couples turn out to be a mismatch. During the preliminary meetings in a arranged marriage both the couples and their families try to present their best part in front of each other. Often its very hard to know true nature of a person in just couple of meetings.

Marriage whether its arranged or love does not guarantee a life long commitment of two individuals to stay together as a family, there are times when differences can arise and they may take an ugly turn and end up in separation. With the help of Astrology its possible to know post marital life in detail. Continue reading »

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